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Our mission is to serve the public by conducting impartial, open and honest elections and to maintain a system of permanent registration of voters as dictated by Illinois and Federal laws.

The Rockford Board of Election Commissioners is responsible for election operations within the city limits of Rockford, IL. The commission was established in 1910 by a vote of the citizens of Rockford in order to provide an accurate and unbiased election as well as to maintain an accurate and up-to-date list of registered voters.

By statute, the election commission is operated under the auspices of a bipartisan commission consisting of three persons. Presently, they are Ryan Brauns, Chairman; Russell Taylor; and Wendell Coates, Secretary.

The commission is an independent body. The commissioners are appointed by the Circuit Court and serve a three year term. The terms are staggered with one commissioner up for re-appointment each year.

The commission through its executive director, oversees:

  • Recruiting and training of election judges
  • Training and certification of deputy registrars
  • Voter registration
  • District re-mapping
  • Precinct re-districting
  • Maintaining and safeguarding records including signature cards and ballots
  • Election operations