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Check my provisional ballot.

The provisional ballot has the same candidates and referenda as a regular ballot. It is designated by its color and the words "Provisional Ballot" at the top of the ballot.

Reasons the provisional ballot is given to voters:

  • Voter's name not on list and they refused the opportunity to register
  • Voter was challenged
  • Voting time extended
  • Required ID not presented (if noted on application)
  • Voter claims to not have voted during early voting
  • Voter requested a Vote By Mail ballot, but did not receive or return it
  • Unregistered military
  • Voter attempted to register, but failed to provide the necessary documentation

If you have any questions concerning the provisional ballot, please feel free to call the Board of Elections at 815-987-5750.

If you voted a provisional ballot in the last election, you may check the status of your provisional ballot. The voter's copy of the Provisional Voter Affidavit is required. Go to the Illinois State Board of Elections, enter the Provisional Voter Code provided on the copy of the Provisional Voter Affidavit as the Ballot ID.